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Boss Baritones


Gary Smulyan-baritone saxophone; Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Steve Ash-piano; Mike Karn-bass; Aarom Seeber-drums

1. Oh Gee (Matthew Gee)

2. I'll Never Be the Same (Malneck)

3. Star Eyes (Raye/DePaul)

4. Hey Lock (Lockjaw Davis)

5. Black Velvet (Illinois Jacquet)

6. Fifty-Six (Johnny Griffin)

7. Land of Dreams (Eddie Haywood)

8. Byas a Drink (Don Byas)

9. Straight Ahead (J.R. Monterose)

Two Part Solution cover.jpg

Two Part Solution


Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Sam Dillon-tenor saxophone; Jeb Patton-piano; Mike Karn-bass; Aarom Kimmel-drums

1. Two Bass Hit (Lewis-Gillespie)

2. Love Letters (Heyman-Young)

3. The Cardiff Giant (Frank Basile)

4. Lo Joe (George Coleman)

5. Kids Are Pretty People (Thad Jones)

6. Samba de Orfeu (Luiz Bonfá)

7. Two Part Solution (Sam Dillon)

8. 5/4 Thing (George Coleman)

9. Frame for the Blues (Slide Hampton)

Slide's Blues


Charles Ruggiero-drums; Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Sam Dillon-tenor saxophone; Nick Marchione, Bruce Harris-trumpet; Rob Edwards, James Burton III-trombone; Mike Karn-bass; SPECIAL GUEST Slide Hampton-trombone (on "Slide's Blues" and "Mack The Knife")

1. Our Waltz (David Rose)

2. Slide's Blues (Slide Hampton)

3. Exodus (Ernest Gold)

4. Mack The Knife (Kurt Weill)

5. The Barbarians (Slide Hampton)

   The Cloister Dance Suite (Slide Hampton):

6. I: Impression

7. II: Obsession

8. III: Expression

9. IV: Possession

(All arrangements by Slide Hampton)

In The Empire State_edited.jpg

In the Empire State


Steve Fishwick-trumpet; Osian Roberts-tenor saxophone; Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Jeb Patton-piano; Mike Karn-bass

1. Jymie (Steve Fishwick)

2. My Blue Heaven (Donaldson-Whiting)

3. Enid (Osian Roberts)

4. Warne's World (Steve Fishwick)

5. How Deep Is the Ocean (Berlin)

6. Lullaby for Eira (Osian Roberts)

7. Dial "J" for Jackie (Osian Roberts)

8. Morse Code (Frank Basile)

Frank Basile Modern Inventions

Modern Inventions



Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Fabien Mary-trumpet; Alex Hoffman-tenor saxophone; Ehud Asherie-piano; David Wong-bass; Pete Van Nostrand-drums


1. The High Desert (Frank Basile)

2. João (Clare Fischer)

3. Fountain City Bounce (Frank Basile)

4. Venita's Dance (Kenny Dorham)

5. Modern Inventions (Frank Basile)

6. The Gypsy (Billy Reid)

7. Project 'S' (Jimmy Heath)

8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern-Harbach)


Frank Basile Pepper Adams Complete Compositions

Pepper Adams: Complete Compositions, Vol. 4



Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Joe Magnarelli-trumpet; John Mosca-trombone; Adam Birnbaum-piano; Dennis Irwin-bass; Tim Horner-drums


1. Excerent!

2. Philson

3. Libeccio

4. What Is It?

5. Binary

6. In Love With Night


7. A Winter's Tale

8. Joy Road

9. Urban Dreams

10. Witches' Pit

11. Freddie Froo

(All compositions by Pepper Adams)

Thursday the 12th



Frank Basile-baritone saxophone; Joe Magnarelli-trumpet; Adam Birnbaum-piano; Mike Blanco-bass; Mark Ferber-drums


1. Lady Luck (Thad Jones)

2. Rabp's Delight (Frank Basile)

3. A Certain Smile (Webster-Fain)

4. You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me (Dubin-Warren)

5. Thursday the 12th (Frank Basile)

6. A December to Remember (Frank Basile)

7. This Could Be the Start of Something Big (Steve Allen)



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